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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Real" moms welcome here

Some years ago I decided I was a "real" mom. Didn't much like the title "stay-at-home" mom. Something about the word "stay" sounded too inactive for what I was doing. I did like the term "SUPERMOM". Then I met a woman with three sets of twins - yes THREE SETS - born in six years. I felt suddenly under-qualified for the title. There is, of course, the constant and age-old struggle to be the "perfect mom". But I woke up long ago to the facts that my house will never be all the way clean, my children will never be all the way fed (certainly not with meals made and frozen a month ago), I will never be all the way fit, and those cute little matching dresses will never be all-the-way sewn (at least not before they're outgrown). So I am a "real" mom. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was on this premise that I started the Real Mom guides. There are some other great products out there - I've used more than one - but I was hoping for a simplified, flexible, practical way to homeschool all my children with the Book of Mormon as the central facet of our program. I didn't really want a one-size-fits-all daily lesson plan. I also didn't want to spend 15 hours replicating the Jaredite "tight-like-unto-a-dish" boats while my six-month old ate glue and scraps off the floor. I did want a concise, practical schedule which incorporated music, scripture memorization and reading from the Book of Mormon. I wanted one with ideas about tying into other subjects without me having to buy into the whole curriculum. I wanted one that used the full text of the Book of Mormon for study, with a reasonable amount of reading each day. I especially wanted one I could use with all of my children at once. When I didn't find just what I wanted, I put it together myself. The results, I think, are pretty good.

If, like me, you consider yourself a "real mom", come on board - all real moms are welcome here.


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