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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Real Mom's Guide to American History is a literature-based program which is structured so that it can be used with children of all ages. It begins with Early Americans and goes up to the Civil War (American History part 2 is in the works). It includes a literature list, a timeline, an overview of the 36-week program and a 36 week schedule. Like the 36-week BOM guide, the schedule has a very friendly week-at-a-glance format. Each weekly schedule includes the following:

Scripture which corresponds to the week’s study
Memorization exercises (songs, poems, famous quotes, etc.)
Optional “textbook” type reading
Wide variety of literature selections for both older and younger students, including historical fiction, non-fiction and books that go with the theme of each week’s study
Supplementary activities such as crafts, science ideas, field trips, and so forth
Timeline and Map information
Creative writing ideas, including suggestions for tying your Book of Mormon studies in with your History studies.


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