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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Real Mom's Guide to Homeschooling with the Book of Mormon is a 36 week study guide for use with children of all ages. The guide is set up with an easy to read, week-at-glance format. Each weekly schedule includes the following:

Book of Mormon Reading Schedule
Book of Mormon Stories Reading Schedule
Scripture Mastery
Gospel Art
Children’s Song and Hymns
Timeline and Map Information
Creative Writing Ideas for older and younger children
FHE Ideas

Hardcopy Price $14.95 CD Price $12.95

Here's what folks are saying:

"I appreciate how your guides just lay out the books to read with some activities - no preaching or lecturing or anything. One of my big gripes about most 'canned' curriculum is that I have to wade through lots of stuff I won't actually read to my kids in order to get to the stuff I do want to read to them...." Heather

"It's great and super simple to use. Thanks for working so hard on it!..." Mary

"It's GREAT! Two Thumbs up." Rochelle

" I love it. It is awesome." JoDean


At 5:38 PM, Blogger The Educational Revolution said...


I am Debbi Edmonds, we live in Pleasant Grove, Utah currently. We have homeschooled for 12-13 years and we are looking at a move to your area (at least that is what a little bird told me). I would like to know what the group is like out there.

I have 5 kids, 2 of whom have moved out (1 got married, the other is on a mission) and then I have the 3 boys at home. Ages 17, 11 and 9. We love Thomas Jefferson Education, we love Charlotte Mason nature walks and notebooks. Would love to meet some people.


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